you know, i always found that flora by Gucci advert really funny [because it makes no sense to my brain]. luckily, for you [and me], there are some floral things that do make sense! bleuuh anyway i don’t have much to say, and besides, you’re probably waiting for me to skip right to the freebies anyway.

what i’m wearing:
hair: *barberyumyum* 17/black
skin: (vive9) Po [light] skin – Balm
necklace: tomoto, gift pomme de l’ange (wear) [join tomoto group and check notices]
dress: ::Red Shoe::pink flowerpiece shirt [0L, buy the rain droplet-looking thingy here]
skirt: ::{u.f.o}:: MOCOMOCO chiffon SK – brof [join ur.favorite.one group and check notices]
sandals: ::Red Shoe:: flowe sandals dark [0L, buy the belt-looking thing here]

i hope you like the stuff!! and i didn’t chop of the shadow this time. yey!



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2 responses to “flora.

  1. I love your blog… added to my blogroll šŸ™‚


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