times are hard for dreamers.

i have this tendency to buy absolutely unnecessary stuff, just because they are cute. :> [e.g. sculpt cookie jars! *omg buys*] although i do tend to be very stingy with clothings and shoes. this top by magic nook caught my eye ever since i received a message from their subscribo, and i’m so honoured to be doing a review for them! a lot of shirts now have sculptie parts; it’s like a requirement for a good shirt. i really love these from magic nook because the sculpts ayumi uses are just *perfect* and the shirts are cheap!! also, i love the cute cute textures and the phrase! clothings don’t have to be perfect and modelled after extremely-RL circumstances, and these are just right, in between realistic and digital cute. :> these shirts come in many different colours and have multiple attachment points and layers!! style credits below! ❤

what i’m wearing:
hair: (Posh) ; Zombielicious ; Midnight
skin: &bean Pillow Light skin
necklace: PRIMALOT ‘starrymist’ necklace
shirt: [MAGIC NOOK] Les Reveurs Tee (Gray) [new]
ring: !SyDS! Brilliant Snowy Flower Ring
pants: Mustache – Grey Matchstick Jeans
bag: Indyra Originals – Ireban Carry-All (small)
shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Snazzy Ruffle Flats
pose: *ELISA*

what i’m wearing:
hair: lamb.  Sugarless – Powder
skin: &bean Pillow Light skin
shirt: [MAGIC NOOK] Les Reveurs Tee (Blue) [new]
skirt: *MayoNaise* Just a Denim Skirt – Original
bag: {Lark} – Leather & Cord Bag
shoes: fri. Basic Flats (white)
pose: DUBOO* + magnifico [combination of both]

magic nook is here.

thanks ayumi! ❤



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8 responses to “times are hard for dreamers.

  1. Ashe Anthony

    Ooh I love your styling here!
    I have seen this top around but this post makes me actually want it.

  2. silver milneaux

    ehhh i kena poison by your hat. so i went to lamb and finally bought it. it’s damn chio but it looks horrible on me. dont friend you. hahah.

    ohhh nooo im damn sad. ahhaha but yeahh

    • :< i wore the demo around the grid for a few hours before i was like, mehhh go buy ^^ it looks okay-okay on me lah. not fantastic but okay^^ i haven't bought lamb hair for so long. 😛 lamb should make asian hair!!! like the ones the ah lians wear^^

      • silver milneaux

        ahahaha. yay back to old layout! and it looks damn nice on you. and then you keep wearing it. and then i feel like slapping myself for not buying it during stumblebum/50LF? then HAIS it looks terrible on me but then i know i confirm keep seeing you wear the white hat and feel like dying so I decided I shall just buy it.

        W&Y has nice asian hair!! think now got group gift also, i must go gettt. now SL down 😦 ehs you got join the dutch touch group? gonna be paid group soon 🙂 now got gift but i can’t log in to try sadd

        p.s. if you think i’m very whiny (which I ahem am) I can quit it 🙂

      • whiny? no lah. 😛
        a lot of hairs don’t look nice on me leh, just that that is one of the rare occasions where it actually does o.o
        heehee. SL must go down on me when i don’t want it to, why. :<
        gonna post. dum de dum.

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