a white bride.

uhm, this was done in a hurry, sorry if there are any mistakes in the picture. >.< *blushes* anyway, here are some pretty things for you to get today! the location is the beautiful Le Jardin Secret in the Embryo sim. i like the flowers so much!!! so sweet and pretty.

what i’m wearing:
hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Chieko” (Topaz) [join “D!va” group and check notices, comes in 3 colours]
skin: (vive9) Po [light] Ash 2 skin
dress: =Zenith=White Chiffon Dress-group Gift [join Zenith Fashion group and touch here]
shoes: !!Cattiva – Stephanie – Bunnyhop [0L, buy the present box here, contains other stuff too]

my work is registered on deviantart. you can visit and download. i allow my images to be downloaded and modified for personal use. it cannot be for commercial use.



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2 responses to “a white bride.

  1. Heathur Oakleaf

    It looks fabulous!

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