welcome back!

actually it’s more of a welcome back to me. :/ i’ve been very busy with all these assignments coming around, and when i finished the portfolio for my latest assignment yesterday… LL decided to disable logins. so i went out shopping instead of blogging. :< but you know i love you, so i’ve come back. :>

what i’m wearing:
hair: W&Y HAIR New 141 GROUP GIFT [join W&Y Shop group and touch here]
dress(left): mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] dress – CHOCOLATE – dollarbie [1L, buy the boxes on the table here]
necklace(right): LaGyo_Coin necklace gold_simple [subscribo gift here, not sure if can redeliver. if not join for further updates and gifts!]
shirt(right): mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] shirt – PURPLE – dollarbie [1L, here]

what i’m wearing:
hair: Amacci Hair Lil – Dark Copper – Group Gift [subscribo gift, or join Amacci group and check notices]
glasses: rbcg.vintage glasses (CHIN) PT group gift. ❤ [join ❤ project themeory. group and check notices]

*a bit messy here and there, but i’ll be done with everything soon.


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