“kueh” is a term referring to sweet sticky cakes that we eat here. pink and yellow are some of the colours. :> but this post isn’t about the dresses, it’s about the skins. two very pretty skins which you should go and get!

what i’m wearing(left):
hair: *noju* no extension hair(group gift) -dark chocolat [blogged before]
skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Renata SkiN [1L, here]
accessory: [OH]::Cheek::
dress: ::C’est la vie !:: flower Tulle balloon dress(pink) [blogged before]
shoes: Passion Pit:: B-Flats ~CopperHead [0L, here]
pose: don’t freak out!

what i’m wearing(right):
hair: :::{{trico}}::: LUCKY BOARD CLARISS(auburn) [lucky board prize here, hairband is texture change]
skin: [KA] Skin Preview GARBO IMAN- Pale [subscribo gift here]
necklace: ((Crystal line))ROSE Color Change Necklace(Spin)Gift [subscribo welcome gift here]
dress: PARALLEL LOVE Knit Onepiece Mustard [blogged before]
shoes: *LAST CALL: Aruba Flip Flops (men & women)
pose: Creamy Cooljoke

*listening to: Speechless by Lady Gaga<33


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