stark frame.

the thing about blogging mainly freebies is, you can’t always make the stuff fit together. i try and give you everything i’ve found in a single post, because i know you want it, but i apologise if it doesn’t all fit together. you don’t have to wear it like me though :> this skin is super cute! i love the gap in the lips. thank you ruka for this!!<3

what i’m wearing:
hair: Clawtooth: Mrs.Mittens 2 – Valentine [join Clawtooth group and check notices]
skin: ::: I CE COCO ::: Scarlett natural [join I CE COCO group and check notices, comes with freckles option also]
jacket: SD Wears – Pussy Gal Jean Jacket [0L, touch the cats here and here to collect all pieces]
bodysuit: ][AV][swimsuit small dots white seethrough [1L, here, a romper version is available on the lucky board]
shoes: Kalnins – Fall
poses: GLITTERATI & *noju*

*the bodysuit is actually sheer. i stacked the layers to make it less sheer. you can do the same. :>



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10 responses to “stark frame.

  1. okrebecca

    ohai i know this is sneaky but clawtooth’s free to join update group has the gift in notices for those who get flooded with offlines like myself…

  2. L'Via

    Hi, I have been searching for the group to get the skin but can not find it T_T
    Can you tell me the name of the creator or owner of the group pleaseee?
    (i’m in love with that skin)

  3. Hey 🙂 I Can’t find the Group for I ce coco In the store?? Help!

    • hi Aimee.
      read my previous comment on this.
      make sure you enable “mature content” when you’re searching. otherwise, search for Leona Olivieri and join from her profile.

      do not IM me multiple times in SL and do not offer friendship.

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