want free poses? xD

well, i would really LOVE to make a pack of free poses every couple of weeks for you guys! however, i’m out of upload fees at the moment. i’ve prepared a pack of about 4 poses for free [i’ll figure out how to give them out later] that i really want to give you guys, and i’ll hope you’ll like them. how about let’s make a deal yeah.

if i sell enough of these to cover the rent of my hosting skybox and the upload fees, i will then give out my free poses. as much as i’d like to give them out now, i really can’t because i’m low on SL funds. it’s like selfless advertising :> anyway, since i’m starting out, i’m gonna sell these for cheap. if you’re a blogger and would love to review these poses, drop me an NC. ❤

(marukin) about lyli [40L on xstreet, here]

i hope that 40L for all of these isn’t so much of a cost. these animations are all priority 4. if you have any suggestions for any pose you want me to make, drop me an email or an NC with a photo. 2 of the 3 poses in the “about lyli” pose pack are inspired from the April issue of ASTA TV magazine.

thank you so much for all your support, and i hope to make many many free poses [and other stuff if possible] for you guys!!


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