new @ marukin

(marukin) lonely in gorgeous [55L for 5 poses here]

*a new dollarbie pack will be coming next week! i’ll put it up on xstreet as well as F*S, so you can get it on xstreet if you don’t want to fight the lag. since “mixed love” i’ve also improved the pose quality so that it transits better and it does not have any free-swinging body parts. i’m looking forward to setting up a store in Starlust soon. prices will remain the same, and i’ll try to keep it as cheap as possible. i’ll also set up a sub-o group and dump free swag on you guys, cause i love you. till then. :>

P.S. if you follow me on plurk, i plan on giving away free pose packs to “beta testers” just prior to a new release. if you happen to be on, give me a response and if you’re one of the first few, you’ll get a free pack to test. ❤



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2 responses to “new @ marukin

  1. okrebecca

    maybe i am jumping the gun but it’s lovely to watch you go from blogging to creating and i can’t wait for your clothes, skins, hair….i think you’re just going to have to do it all girlie.

    • thank you rebecca!
      i’m just kinda scared that my readers will be annoyed by my new release spam; since i’m kind of on a roll now. xD
      i just want to make some cheap stuff to sell, since it’s kinda fun and it supplements my lindens… if people buy my stuff lol.

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