hype call.

i try to keep the focus on the freebies and not the rest of whatever it is i’m wearing. so, after a mile of editing and looking through my inventory, i managed to dull the whole thing down. p.s., the bag has been edited to go on my hand. it actually wraps around the body.

what i’m wearing:
hair: fri. Lucy2 – Moody Brown
dress: mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] dress – CHOCOLATE – dollarbie [blogged before]
belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Weathered Snap Belt – Black [join Surf Co. group and check notices; comes in 5 colours]
bag: ][AV][bag cow lace group gift [join WaVE group and check notices]
shoes: fri. Basic.Flats (Black)
poses: (marukin)

*in case you can’t find the WaVE group, check Miraiwave Iwish’s profile and join from there.



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4 responses to “hype call.

  1. I love that your blog is focused on freebies, but what sets your blog apart from so many of the other freebie blogs is the fact that you look so chic and wear really high-quality items with a great eye to how they look on your avatar. Speaking strictly for myself, I don’t have a problem when you mix non-free items in, because you show how a free item can become a part of a great outfit, and you may encourage us to go find the other pieces, too. I would hate for you to limit or “dull down” your fantastic style because you felt like you were only supposed to show us free items.

    • thank you for the comment, Vaki. šŸ™‚
      once i received a couple of angry IMs from a bunch of readers concerning this.
      example, they said that like “oh why aren’t you showing enough freebies? you’re supposed to be a freebie blogger!”
      i get really upset and i don’t want such things to repeat themselves. i love sharing my style as much as i love finding freebies.
      a similar incident happened to another fashion blogger. she mainly blogs fashion but incorporates freebies into it.
      once she did not do a post with freebies inside, and she got a couple of angry comments and IMs.
      she then expressed her displeasure at their comments on her blog.

      i’m not the sort of person who challenges such comments, but i get upset when i see them and don’t want them anymore.
      i will continue to do my posts as such, but i will try not to dull it down next time. šŸ™‚

      it just makes me sad that there are such ungrateful people in SL.

      • Awww, Val! You can’t please everyone. You’ll crush your spirit if you try.

        From my perspective, you incorporate a lot of freebies because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on SL, so your style will always include free and low-cost stuff. It’s the way you wear it that shows how tasteful and fashionable that stuff can be. So let us see your taste and your style, because that’s what shows the free things off in their best light.

        If people just want to see loads of freebies, there are other blogs for that, and you’re kind enough to link to them.

      • contrary to that, i do spend a lot of money[which i earn of course] in my perspective. i go crazy during sales and stuff xD
        i love sharing freebies, but i want to use a different approach to it.
        that’s why i style my looks as such.

        some people think free stuff is “cheap” and shouldn’t be worn, but i’m trying to prove that you can make free stuff worth paying for. :>

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