meiken lucky.

these poses are a work in progress; they were inspired by the Prada ad campaign and will be released soon. :> the pose on the right is supposed to be a fist, it’s just the scripts from the bag interfering [i was so frustrated]. i spent a lot of time on these 10 poses, and i’ll be sending a preview copy to my subscribers soon. visit (marukin) here.

what i’m wearing:
hair: *eha~Kitei Sienna
outfit: S@BBiA:: Dress off shoulder:green LB [lucky board prize here]
bag: [[[nocc.]]] gacha flower bag-black [gachagacha here, 30L per play]
shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Snazzy Ruffle Flats – Black
poses: (marukin) [work in progress]

*i’ll be giving out the preview copy on wednesday, so subscribe before then! :>



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3 responses to “meiken lucky.

  1. My fav of them all so far!

  2. Azure Electricteeth

    love that bag! gacha-ed 3847837483 times T.T didnt get the color i want T.T

    • haha i decided that i wanted to blog that, so i was like,
      i play once then i see what colour i could get lol!! >.<
      why which colour you want?? later i go gacha some more then if got your colour wo gei ni!!
      sibei gacha also hate me lah. T.T

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