c’est la vie new.

cute new shirts at c’est la vie! i really really love the ribbon decal, it’s so cute! the sculpts for the sleeves and hem are really well done as well, as shown [sculpt sleeves and hems are always very important for me]. there are 6 colours available at a 120L for each; and a discounted fatpack. each pack contains the shirt in tight and loose versions on all layers. i thought that the inner layer beneath the sculpts could’ve been shorter, but it’s modify so you could shorten it [though i was forgot to, >.<]. check out the new stuff here. thanks larcoco!<3

::C’est la vie!::ribbon tees (army), (gray), (charcorl)

::C’est la vie!::ribbon tees (mocha), (ivory), (peach)

*my personal favorite is the ivory colour. i hope you check it out! there’s also a new LB prize, which i will blog soon.



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2 responses to “c’est la vie new.

  1. Alessya

    Hey 🙂 From where you did get the tattoos :o3 ?

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