apparently these shoes i blogged before from KKBB are a template. so, the Vinyl Cafe used that template too and made the same shoes. this colour is a gift and the others sell for 75L. identical ones from KKBB cost 10L. you choose. :> this tone was the lightest the feet could go. i had to choose a darker skin to match the shoes.

what i’m wearing:
hair: booN PYO902 hair brown
shirt: *ARAI* Aroha T_girls [0L, here]
pants: Balani’s 3/4 Beach Pants Blue [0L, buy the thing on the floor here / comes with attachment pockets and belt]
shoes: Vinyl Cafe Black Canvas Shoes [join Vinyl Cafe Addicts group and touch here]
poses: (marukin)



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8 responses to “jumpy.

  1. Marianne Little

    But who has most scripts? I counted it in Emerald viewer, and the KKBB has 120 scripts, 60 in each shoe. It would be great if bloggers could advice us shoppers in this too. I will gladly pay a bit more for less laggy shoes.

    • i don’t use Emerald, Marianne. *
      i’m more concerned about the fact that the feet won’t go any darker than that. wearing the KKBB shoes or the Vinyl Cafe shoes don’t affect lag for me. besides, the shoes i blogged are free. you don’t have to pay for them.

  2. Lila Clemenceau

    Does kkbb has more skin colors or come in a hud?
    Because unfortunately vinyl cafe shoes are really beautiful but they don’t come in many skin colors and I already buy 3 of them for 25L$ and for me was ok because of my usual skin that almosts matches equaly but for my friend wasn’t and she paid and now she can’t use because don’t match her skin.

    • if you encounter any problems concerning the shoes from either KKBB or Vinyl Cafe, please contact the respective owners.

      i’m just the blogger who blogs it just because there’s a free version.

  3. Lila Clemenceau

    I’ll grab this one lol

    • lila, i just mentioned the price difference and the flaw of the vinyl cafe shoes. both are made from the same xstreet templates and both come with different HUDs.

      just take the free one if you’re not sure.

  4. I just found your site through Flickr and it’s awesome! Thanks for all the great bargains– I really love the stuff you blog, and I also really love your fashion sense. I’ve added you to my blog list, hope you don’t mind. ❤

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