complex mess.

the new release from Kalnins is still on promotion. :> i like how the design is sort of casual yet formal and also the fact that you get many colours for the price of one shoe. besides that, happy birthday Singapore!<33

what i’m wearing:
hair: [YH]OPENING-GROUPGIFT=BROWN01= [join Yuna’s Hair group and touch here / comes in a fatpack]
outerwear: [ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazer – Black [10L, buy the jewelry case here / Platinum Hunt item]
dress: {SMS} Asy Tunic Navy [join So Many Styles group and touch here]
shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Plastique [50% off, here]
poses: (marukin) & Olive Juice



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6 responses to “complex mess.

  1. great style, as always! i love your blog val <333

  2. Aww.. I loved the outfit. You made me rejoining the group. I really like the new store designs, and the hairs seeming all very nice in design too –

    but i really hate it, if single parts of hair aren’t mood. It’s such a pity. =((

  3. this is like, my favorite look you’ve put together. I paired the frock with the vinyl addict shoes and zomg. I might never take them off!
    thanks ❤

    ps. I know you said you couldn't tint them any lighter, and I had the same problem too. But suddenly today, I realized there was an attachable colour hud sitting in the folder that works perfectly fine. I think SL was being sneaky the other day D:

    • i’m so glad that you found something you liked, Ampersand!!

      for me, i love to wear really pale skins and unfortunately, that day, nothing i could do even with the HUD could make the feet go any lighter. i might try again later. hehe*

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