what i’m wearing:
hair: >TRUTH< Tamina – walnut
jacket: Reek – Papercut Cardigan – Cream [modified]
shirt: [S.Eddy] KUM@RBRICK T (Helloween)_female [0L, here / comes in mens’ version too*]
pants: Maitreya BF Jeans – #08
hand: MODE Magazine [0L, here*]
shoes: HOC Apparel – Hoc Lowtops tied female
poses: (marukin) & xbordeaux

*the shirt is free at an event, and there are more free items there. i love the ones by ++so what?++ and &Count too. :> also, the event where the magazine is found is an event by Armidi, now known as Vaschwitzugenplatz, i think. anyway, there are free stuff scattered on the floor, and included with the magazine are some gift cards, sunglasses and clothing. i think i’m losing my touch in finding free stuff. boo. don’t kill me :<



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3 responses to “onto.

  1. We still love you even if you dont find freebies! You rock!!!

  2. Kit Jordan

    I thought you were making fun of Armidi for having all these foreign sounding names and then I got to the sim. LMAO. What the… someone seriously named it Vaschwitzugenplatz???

    • LOL Kit i’m not sure…
      apparently Armidi is gone and they’re coming back as Vaschwitzugenplatz, and under that new brand name they have several other sub-brands which are pseudonyms of RL high-end brands [e.g. Giavani, Masciano…] i think. i’m not too sure 😛

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