what i’m wearing:
hair: Clawtooth: Beg Your Pardon – Coco
eyewear: Alphavillian – Borgesian Glasses (small) [80L, here]
coat: !1mm*** hoodie coat LB [lucky board prize here]
shirt: “NINIKOBOY”GREMLINS Tshirts(white) [blogged before]
pants: Emery – Short Horses [Choco] [join Emery Update Group and touch the bags here / also a sweatshirt included]
hand: [SP]StrayBambi_Wear [lucky board prize here]
shoes: Reek – Boston Boots – Brown/Brown – Girls [fifty linden fridays]
poses: don’t freak out!

new skin! been saving up for it quite a while~ also new eyewear at Alphavillian! these are wonderfully hand-drawn, and at an affordable price; do check it out! note: the boots didn’t come with invisiprims… i had to make my own, cuz i can’t use alpha layers.-_-



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5 responses to “veto.

  1. Basil Manx

    Cute look. If you don’t like the 2.0 SL viewer try Imprudence, you can use the layers and it’s way easier (like the old viewer)!

  2. evelia rexie

    Hello, may I ask what skin u are wearing in this pic? đŸ™‚

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