what i’m wearing:
hair + hat: [kik]hair-Shinobu*hat_LB prize [lucky board prize here]
jacket: *ARAI* Stadium Jumper03_LE [LoveSoul+NIPPONBASHI Zombie Event prize]
pants: (TokiD) rolling pants (grey) [50L, here]
bag: (Milk Motion) My patchwork leather bag [stumblebum brigade item]
shoes: *COCO*_OxfordShoes_Patent-Black
poses: (marukin)

LoveSoul+NIPPONBASHI Zombie Event is here! it’s one of the more unique “hunt” events, and the prizes are definitely worth it. check the prize list here. for details on how to play, check here. in summary, players use the provided weapons to kill zombies in the LoveSoulSIM or the NipponbashiSIM. some zombies hold gift/weapons tickets, which can be exchanged for better weaponry or for prizes. all prizes are exclusive to this event, so don’t miss out! i had to kill 300+ zombies to get this jacket, so be prepared to put in a similar amount of effort. have fun!!


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  1. Similar effort! lol, I think it’s a bit more random than that, for eg. I zapped well over 700 and still didn’t get the *ARAI* stadium jumper!!! Mind you, I did get hundreds of the same ones of others! Think the disclaimer should read something like ‘If you are prepared to invest a day or 2 mindlessly plugging zombies in lag-hell then you might ‘just might’ get *some* of the gifts, heh! …Pity they aren’t transfer, after all ’tis the season for giving’!

    Seem to remember this event was more fun last year, meh! ..Good post though!

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