hair: **Dura-MHOH**( resize) [blogged before]
sweater: *dg* merry skull xmas knit [join *deviant girls* group and check notices / mens’ version included]
pants: Masciano F/W ‘Threaded Boot Cut Jeans’ SKU7529M OS1-DNM
shoes: Babouche/BK/DT [0L, here / many other colours and styles too]
pose: (pda) [not available]



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6 responses to “221210

  1. Danutka Demina

    are those jeans finally for sale, or still not?…im dying for them :(..plss

    • those jeans were always for sale. just bought them recently, too. however, it may require a bit of work.

      head to this location, which is the runway at Vaschwitzugenplatz: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vaschwitzugenplatz/117/120/23 then cam underneath the runway. it should be around the middle section of the runway. if you need visual assistance, use the “hide selected” tool and click on the runway pieces until you see the clothes under the runway. the jeans are for sale underneath the runway, and cost about 300L, i think. it took me a while before i could successfully click on the thing and buy it, but keep trying! originally, they were on the runway. i wonder why they’re underneath it now, too.

  2. wow! i didn’t know that i can buy those jeans!! and i just succeed!! thank you!!

  3. Danutka Demina

    ty so much, got them!!!!

  4. Hello

    You know where the new store is Vaschwitzugenplatz plz …

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