hair: .: vive9 :. Fredja in University (mod)
dress: S@BBiA::Dress Lace Border  pink [group-only lucky board here]
socks: -LaViere- Basic Mid Calf Socks White [0L, here / includes 3 colours]
hand: [SP]StrayGiraffe_Wear
shoes: ANEXX_LoaferPumps_Brown
pose: TeaSoup

i’m sorry for the lack of posts. i was unable to connect to WordPress via my internet since last week. they told me that my IP address was caught in a range of a server block they had, and that they had just removed it today. unfortunately, i wasn’t able to access again, until i figured out how to tether my phone internet to my computer. i’m hoping i can access WordPress soon without internet tethering. :>



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5 responses to “080311

  1. Hi Val, I hope you’re okay. You’re in Sapporo, right? I don’t know if your city got hit by one of the tsunamis…I know you’re really close to where the earthquake hit. Anyway, you’re in my thoughts — I hope you and all your loved ones are okay.

    • thank you Vaki.
      i’m okay; i was supposed to return to Japan on Saturday, but i cancelled my flight after the earthquake. i’m in Singapore now. my family in Sapporo and Okinawa are fine; my father in Tokyo has also emailed me to tell me he’s safe.

      the tsunami hit Sendai city, on east Japan. i’m hoping for them.

      • I’m so glad to hear you’re safe, Val, and your family’s okay, too. It’s horrible watching the news out of Japan right now. I’m hoping everything comes out as well as it can — you are all in my thoughts every day.

  2. emily kaestner

    which skin is this?

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