hair: (fd) Wildcat – Dust [old fifty linden fridays]
shirt: Emery – Gift [0L, here / many gifts; this one is in a dark blue bag]
pants: *ARAI* Nonwash Denim_black [0L, buy the pink-yellow doll here / from where you land, cam underneath the stairs- it’s hidden in the wall lamp; unisex]
hand: ::: Libber : SHOULDER GUITAR : LP : MID : GIRL [red colour- lucky board here / includes different sizes for unisex]
shoes: J’s Laceup Short Boots (Dark Brown) [LADY’s]
pose: (marukin)

about Japan earthquake & tsunami: i’m okay. my family in Japan live in areas that weren’t badly affected by the earthquake. please pray for Sendai, who was hit by tsunami.



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6 responses to “120311

  1. Marie2 Cisse

    Thank God!!
    Hopefully nothing ever happens to your family.

    You can count on me.

    Marie2 Cisse.

  2. loser mode

    Just want to say thanks and give appreciation to your blog, I wasn’t aware you were from Japan. Glad to hear though you’re ok. but yeah, the situation in Sendai is awful. I’m constantly in front on the TV following the news.
    I’m trying to find or give someone the idea of setting up something where we can donate our lindens to the cause. I remember, I think it was RC Cluster, who used to do this for animal welfare campaigns. obviously it has to be someone we trust. but that would be good that we could contribute to it in this little sl world.

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