210411 – seasonshunt

hair: Tee*fy Season Hunt (Spring) – Hello Spring Hair ( Mocha) [seasons hunt, see below]
top: -tb- Floral Chemise (Seasons Hunt) [seasons hunt, see below]
skirt: *fid*SeasonsHunt-SpringSkirt [seasons hunt, see below]
bag: (TokiD) bunny bag (seasons hunt) -arm [seasons hunt, see below]
shoes: [ROLY-POLY]-Jelly Beans- ocher
pose: SweetLovelyCute

the slurl list has been removed. if you need help, do join the Seasons Hunt’s official group and ask for help!



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27 responses to “210411 – seasonshunt

  1. delilah

    hello, where is the tattoo from??
    thank you in advance.

  2. Mira Raymaker

    Thank you for the slurls, you saved me a headache for sure šŸ™‚

  3. For willow it’s now in a lamp on your right when you come into the shop

  4. Hallie Galli

    Hi! Thank you for reminding me to tell everyone to move their bees!!! <33

    • Hallie

      I understand that…but a hunt is for hunting…and it’s still a free item. It’s no problem…the bees will just be moved. šŸ™‚

  5. flutterdabutter

    my store is tiny, bee is always easy to find. is it really that hard to spend 3 minutes to find it? really? it would be nice even to respect the work i put into creating this free item.

    • Haru

      You do realise that by publishing all these items, she/he is just helping others who might be having difficulty finding the hunt prizes? Plus, others get to know more about your store. Why complain? It’s free publicity~~ Just sayin’ I wouldn’t mind that, I’ll just get more people checking my store šŸ™‚

      • flutterdabutter

        people tp in, find it in a second in thanks to direct tp and then tp out to grab another item. i’d rather see my item blogged than telling people exactly where to find it.

      • Haru

        Fair point.
        I don’t see others who make freebies complaining though.
        Wonder why…

      • Hallie

        You do realize that publishing these items without EXACT locations also is free publicity. The only thing this blog is really doing is as I said…reminding me that the stores should move their bees around.

      • flutterdabutter

        you realize we talk about hunt not people making freebies in general right? cause there are two completly different things if you didn’t notice.

  6. Brutus Martinek

    *moves her bee*

  7. kharmawillgetyou

    if i find out your name I’m gonna get you banned from so many stores that you wont enjoy shopping anymore my dear. what you do is just pathetic and shows that you lack using your brains. if you were a store owner, spending hours making an amazing gift and then some stupid lil blogger comes and tells everyone where the gift you provided is hidden, you would be upset. but lemme tell you this, what comes around goes around. šŸ˜€ I will move my bee 50 times a day if necessary šŸ™‚ you will be lovin it wont ya šŸ˜€

    • Kharmawillgetyou — your comment suggests that you are a hunt participant. Would you mind please posting again and letting us know which store is yours? As a regular shopper, I would like to know which shop owners come to blogs and attack them with such viciousness over what is, ultimately, a harmless error easily remedied. Thank you!

      • Norfin

        I second this.

        I usually prefer not to give my Lindens to incendiaries. I’m concerned that they will use it for some ethically questionable practices involving machetes and/or explosives. My conscience will give me no peace.

    • emk

      “if i find out your name Iā€™m gonna get you banned from so many stores that you wont enjoy shopping anymore my dear”

      wow.. u mad?

  8. Lady

    Kharma will get you!! >.> you really need to get a life.
    how dare you come onto someones blog someones own space and spew shit like that.
    Grow some balls it’s just fucking sl and pixels let people be.

  9. Gabebookmite

    You do know Hallie was the one to put on the hunt, and the fact you are not saying sorry for offending her shows what kind of person you are. You have a piss poor attitude and I hope it doesn’t ruin this hunt or any other hunts for anyone else.

    Than what would you blog?

    • Not to speak for her, but she has posted an apology (one post up). It’s pretty late at night in her part of the world right now, which may be why she’s not participating in the current run of comments on this post — not everybody’s in America. It might be best not to assume malice where simple human error may be the problem here, you know? We all make mistakes.

  10. kharmawillgetyou

    lady, yeh sure its “just” second life and second life is then a game aswell huh. the most people who run a business in sl make money for their real life from it. so when there is real life money involved and business then its not “just” second life. them people here who leave these comments about how amazing it is that she posted the direct slurls are all together no store owners or don’t make enough money to cash it out to sl. so that is how i dare darling.

    • lol

      if you’re there to make money then why even offer a free gift? you know hunters are not there to peruse your store for other goods – they are trying to get the freebie asap and gtfo.

  11. The bee will be moved at mine and who knows maybe I’ll add a ton of decoys. This is getting nuts.

  12. Amo

    If you start being petty and nasty by adding decoys/making it really hard to find etc, people will just get bored hunting and leave your store – it will backfire on you.
    This is no big deal, just move your bees like Hallie said.

    This blogger probably thought she was helping and some of you were wrong to be so harsh on her, everyone makes mistakes.

    I really love this blog and the way she puts her looks together šŸ˜€

  13. Staples

    To the blogger, I love your blog and please don’t ever let some of these vicious store owners get to you. It is quite obvious that you were just trying to be nice and helpful to your readers (like me!). You’ve helped me discover so many new stores and I am very grateful.

    And to some of the store owners who posted rude comments here, if I find out which stores you own, please know that I will never ever shop at your stores again. I will also tell my friends not to shop there either. This isn’t a threat, but karma works both way. It’s one thing if you’re concerned that your hardwork went down the drain, it’s another to bark at this blog owner for featuring your items for free. I am quite sure that if you had contact the owner of the blog, she’d simply comply if you ask her to remove the links nicely. There is no reason why you need to attack her. It’s childish and paints a totally bad color on you.

    Did you honestly think that being rude would make people come to your stores and shop? Seriously?

    And I’m speaking this for myself only, but even if I use direct slurl to see where the gift is, I would STILL walk around and see if there might be something I like. And if I do, I’d certainly purchase said items. Don’t lump everyone together and assume that we’d just take the hunt gift and run. Looking down on your customers is truly a stupid thing to do.

  14. Naniko

    This look is adorable, love your blog and your looks always ā¤
    You have helped me so much in discovering places to shop and finding great items!
    Just don't care about all those horrible store owners. Such people don't deserve to be on SL in the first place if you ask me.
    They are cowards and hide behind false names to bully others.
    Seriously, I support you and never give up!!!


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